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R.L.'s Amazing Journey:

Born in 1973, R.L. McSterlingthong has spent over 43 years practicing Wun-beg-eh, an ancient Canadian martial art that relies on echo location. He can often be seen sprinting through the Wallingford neighborhood at 2 A.M. in the traditional ceremonial “invisibility ninja” garb shouting out his echo locating bleats as he hones these vital skills. An avid fencer, McSterlingthong has designed and built over 2000 fences in the Puget Sound area from chain-link to cedar for both civilians and corporate clients. As with many fantasy novelists, he is a fully trained animal psychiatrist and has worked at the local and national level to assist horses who are coping with Feline Leukemia.

McSterlingthong’s interest in writing started in college when he wrote his first novel entitled, Dragon Quest. The touching tale of a Bulimic Serpent in the land of Durr who embarks on a quest to touch the magical rainbow of the hallucinogenic Dwarfs. Although this novel was never published, it attracted the attention of famed literary agent, Tanya Denstein, who, after 37 drinks, decided to sign McSterlingthong as a client. Under Tanya’s careful tutelage, it was not long before R.L.’s next book, The Anklet of Power was published. Now a full time writer, R.L. lives beneath a power sub-station in downtown Seattle.


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